A Call to Arms 

This is a tale of the Little Literary Community that could—and hopefully still can.

Last fall, my friend Cyndi Pauwels set her sights on Barnes & Noble in Beavercreek for the literary debut of her first mystery novel, Forty and Out. She knew she’d have to persuade B & N that she could draw a crowd. Thus, she composed a very convincing letter to Pamela McGill, Community Business Development Manager, which she dropped off personally, along with a copy of the book to prove that it was professionally edited and published.

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News for Readers & Writers

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by Ed Davis on February 4, 2015

Writers Needed 

Are you by any chance looking for a prose writing workshop? I’m currently facilitating a small group meeting monthly at Epic Bookshop in Yellow Springs. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2-4:00 p.m.

What began last fall as an Autobiographical Fiction group quickly morphed into an Autobiographical Narrative group, critiquing both fiction and memoir. We usually meet 2-4:00 p.m. one Sunday per month and pride ourselves on being as honest, gentle and respectful of other people’s writing.

Some members are unpublished while one member published a novel years ago with a major NY publisher. Because we … Read the full article


For the Road

January 29, 2015


January 29, 2015


“Tires crunch, and I merge back onto the highway. Black

tar and metal signs. The road makes sense. Remain

between the painted boundaries, cascade forward like

water in a pipe, be steady and only end by choice. There

is always another curve, exit, or intersection. There is

always a choice.”

“Shadow of the Spider” by Alice G. Otto


New Anthology From CCC

The Columbus Creative Cooperative is at it again with their newest anthology, For the Road, featuring ten stories about life on America’s highways, including my story “Cracked Blacktop.” Since I first blogged … Read the full article

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Book Nook with Israel Jones

January 12, 2015
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Halloween Surprise 

Last fall I launched my new novel The Psalms of Israel Jones and was extremely fortunate to receive an invitation from Vick Mickunas to appear on WYSO radio’s “The Book Nook.” The interview has now been archived and is available at http://wyso.org/post/book-nook-psalms-israel-jones-ed-davis.

Meeting the media has in the past unnerved me:  there’s something different between a live performance with the audience present versus the pressurized intimacy of interviewer and interviewee isolated in a small room. However, when Vick interviewed me on a cold, rainy October 31, there was nothing at all frightful about the experience. In … Read the full article

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Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Writing

November 28, 2014

 Guest Blogger Joe Downing is the author of The Abundant Bohemian: How To Live an Unconventional Life Without Starving in the Process and the writer of the blog abundantbohemian.com. 

“No matter what our age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream, it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity. ‘I’m too old’ is something we tell ourselves to save ourselves from the emotional costs of the ego deflation involved in being a beginner.”  –Julia Cameron… Read the full article

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Literary News & Events for Readers & Writers

November 13, 2014
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Katrina Kittle’s New Online Workshops

My good friend and fellow novelist Katrina Kittle is teaching online fiction-writing classes for OnLiten. She is the author of four books for adults: Traveling Light, Two Truths and a Lie, The Kindness of Strangers and The Blessings of the Animals as well as one published novel for tweens, Reasons to Be Happy, with another in the works. Katrina has an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University in Louisville and teaches regularly for Word’s Worth Writing Connections and offers manuscript consultations through Write Sisters Consulting. Check out her current and … Read the full article

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The Fries Meet Israel Jones

November 2, 2014
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A Reading That Will Rock

 This is the lit-event I’ve been waiting for:  On Sunday, November 9, at 7:30 p.m., Israel Jones, mythic rocker from my novel The Psalms of Israel Jones, will share the stage with Dayton’s own legend, The Fries Band, at the beautiful Hayner Cultural Center at 301 W. Main Street in downtown Troy, Ohio.

It will be the trio, not the entire band with bass and drums—we want to leave a few of the Hayner’s walls standing. But there will be plenty of their trademark tight harmonies and acoustic guitars. (*Note:  The Read the full article

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The Tour Continues…

October 20, 2014
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The Second Half 

The first half of the Israel Jones Tour of 2014 is now history. A huge thank you to all who came, listened raptly and asked challenging questions at Epic Bookshop and Antioch College’s Coretta Scott King Center in Yellow Springs; and Blue Jacket Books in Xenia. The tour continues with another stop in Yellow Springs and one in lovely, historic Troy, Ohio.

Workshop on 10-26

 On Sunday, October 26, I’m facilitating a workshop on Turning Your Life Into Fiction:  Writing Autobiographical Fiction (ABF) at Epic Bookshop (map), 229 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs, Ohio, … Read the full article

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Israel’s Tour Stops in Greene County

September 18, 2014
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Live at the Epic in Yellow Springs

Please come and help me celebrate a book that took me three years to write and another three to find a home with West Virginia University Press and about which Susan Carpenter writes in this week’s Yellow Springs News, “Ed Davis has written his best novel yet, pulling up his love/hate for music and church by their Appalachian roots and spinning a story of adversaries that scrape their rough edges together and generate flares of agony, beauty, and hard-won truths on the other side.”

I’ll be debuting my new novel, The Psalms Read the full article

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Israel Jones Live!

September 2, 2014
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The Official Launch 

Just as the leaves begin to softly fall, ageless rocker Israel Jones’ “Eternal Tour” rolls into the Miami Valley on September 1. I’m referring to my latest novel, The Psalms of Israel Jones, a father-son redemptive tale set in the world of professional rock. The novel took three years to write, another three to find the perfect publisher, and nine months to edit and turn into a handsome book.

Where to Get It

For now, the book is available from the publisher, West Virginia University Press, at Amazon, and locally at Epic Bookshop in … Read the full article

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