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by Ed Davis on April 29, 2014

A literary career is not to be confused with one’s deep reasons for writing. A career, whatever that means, can be enjoyable and a blessing, but, if you’re not careful, it can sometimes lead you to despair. My wise former colleague at Sinclair Community College, Tim Waggoner, always counsels his creative writing students to ask themselves what they really want from writing. I would add:  And try to make sure that’s reasonable.

Still, disappointments will ensue. Maybe it didn’t destroy you when you didn’t get your poem or short story accepted by the New Yorker, but it did sting when a local ‘zine that really seemed open rejected your work (that is, if you even submit your work for publication—not a requirement, in my opinion, to be a writer but necessary for a career).

So, in a field where pursuit of a career will often bring disappointment, I was delighted recently to receive the most substantive, probing and profound review and interview in my thirty-some year literary journey. When blogger Anthony Fife e-mailed me to request an interview, I held my breath and awaited his questions. It was well worth the wait.

Scrolling through the questions, I exhaled relief and awe. This was going to take a while. And it did, several sessions, in fact, for me to make statements about my poetry-writing process that felt deeply true.  Now I’d like to share with you a blog whose seven contributors (poets, teachers and writers themselves) eschew sound bytes in favor of much greater depth. I hope you’ll appreciate the aptly-named Poetry Matters as much as I do—and recommend the blog to others.

Here’s the link. Enjoy—and let Anthony and the others know what you think.

Poetry Matters: Being There: The Emotive ‘Fly on the Wall’ in Ed Davis’ “Time of the Light”

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