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by Ed Davis on November 2, 2014

A Reading That Will Rock

 This is the lit-event I’ve been waiting for:  On Sunday, November 9, at 7:30 p.m., Israel Jones, mythic rocker from my novel The Psalms of Israel Jones, will share the stage with Dayton’s own legend, The Fries Band, at the beautiful Hayner Cultural Center at 301 W. Main Street in downtown Troy, Ohio.

It will be the trio, not the entire band with bass and drums—we want to leave a few of the Hayner’s walls standing. But there will be plenty of their trademark tight harmonies and acoustic guitars. (*Note:  The bookmark I’ve been passing out incorrectly stated the program starting at 7:00—but if you do arrive early, tour the Hayner!).

Fries History 101

To paraphrase their Reverbnation bio, The Fries started out in 1989 as an acoustic trio called “The French Fries” which consisted of 3 acoustic guitars and 3 vocals. Over the years the trio has evolved into the full band they are today. They blend major intricate, complex harmonies to create distinctive musical arrangements specializing in the sounds of Crosby Stills Nash & Young, America, The Beatles, Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, and more. (See videos and keep track of their busy schedule at

Current members are: Gary Knight, Pete Price, Jeff Tutt, Matt Scholp, Mark Fraze and Gary King (sound & trombone). Past members include: Pat McKeown (original member) Jim Taylor (original member) Jimmy Thompson, Ward Walker, Sal Salaz, Rich Kruzell, Don Corbet, Tom Davis, Bruce Meyer, Gary Smith, Rich Palmer and Steve Speelman.

My Generous Friends 

The Fries’ original songs are top drawer (request Pete Price’s “Willow” sometime), and their arrangements of others’ songs always have the Fries’ indelible stamp: like turning a lush Motown hit into intimate a capella, like medleys that are inevitable yet surprising. Finally, they are generous friends; this will be the third book they’ve helped me launch, working for a free copy and my undying gratitude.

Please join us at the atmospheric, historic Hayner this coming Sunday. You won’t be sorry!

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Jennifer Kolb November 11, 2014 at 12:42 am


Thank you so much for a fun night of lit and music!


Jennifer L. Kolb


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