For the Road

by Ed Davis on January 29, 2015


January 29, 2015


“Tires crunch, and I merge back onto the highway. Black

tar and metal signs. The road makes sense. Remain

between the painted boundaries, cascade forward like

water in a pipe, be steady and only end by choice. There

is always another curve, exit, or intersection. There is

always a choice.”

“Shadow of the Spider” by Alice G. Otto


New Anthology From CCC

The Columbus Creative Cooperative is at it again with their newest anthology, For the Road, featuring ten stories about life on America’s highways, including my story “Cracked Blacktop.” Since I first blogged about this fine organization on November 10, 2013, I’ve become even more impressed by the energy with which they fulfill their mission: to collaborate for self-improvement and collective publication, promoting writers and artists, with a goal to “print the best work produced in the region.”

That’s good news for both writers and readers.

Editors Par Excellence

Acceptance by CCC guarantees writers the excellent services of co-editors Emily Hitchcock and Brad Pauquette. For my story, I adapted Chapter Four of my novel The Psalms of Israel Jones. I thought it worked pretty well and apparently CCC thought so, too, since they accepted it for the anthology.

However, within weeks after acceptance, Emily e-mailed to say she had a few suggestions for improvement. At first I wasn’t thrilled. Since they accepted it and I felt good about it, what was the problem?

But once I saw the corrections Emily had in mind, I readily agreed that such additions and omissions would complete the transformation of a novel chapter into a stand-alone short story—never an easy task. And some of her suggestions were substantial: for example, a new ending.

Feast for the Mind & Senses

The anthology’s ten stories are an entertaining mix of genre and literary, humorous and deadly serious (and just plain deadly). As Pauquette says in the introduction, “I learned something about the modern perception of the road—we’re terrified of it.”

True enough, most of the selections are scary—and genres range from horror to sci-fi to literary. I especially admired the story I quoted above from Alice G. Otta, an MFA student at the University of Arkansas. There’s something for everyone in these varied, accessible fictions with titles like “Going South,” “Billy White’s Dog” and “The Screaming Bridge.”

Where to Find CCC Publicationsperf5.500x8.500.indd

You can purchase For the Road and many other CCC publications at their website: It’s also available both as an e-book as well as print book at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you live in the Columbus area, you can pick it up at many coffee shops like Cup O’ Joe in Lennox Town Center, German Village and Clintonville. I was pleased to find it at Stauff’s, my favorite coffee shop in Grandview.


More Than Publishers

The fine folks at CCC are open to new members and offer free critiquing workshops that are available to nonmembers as well. As I said two years, ago their egalitarian literary efforts deserve our support: by submitting, becoming a member and buying their worthy products. Visit their website and read all about them. And please let me know what you think!







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