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by Ed Davis on February 4, 2015

Writers Needed 

Are you by any chance looking for a prose writing workshop? I’m currently facilitating a small group meeting monthly at Epic Bookshop in Yellow Springs. Our next meeting is scheduled for February 15, 2-4:00 p.m.

What began last fall as an Autobiographical Fiction group quickly morphed into an Autobiographical Narrative group, critiquing both fiction and memoir. We usually meet 2-4:00 p.m. one Sunday per month and pride ourselves on being as honest, gentle and respectful of other people’s writing.

Some members are unpublished while one member published a novel years ago with a major NY publisher. Because we want to keep the group small, we’re looking for one, possibly two, new members. The cost is $20 due at each session.

If interested, would you please let me know ASAP, including a brief statement about what you’d like to accomplish in such a group? And if you’re not interested right now but know someone who might be, would you pass on the invitation?  Thanks.

Listeners Needed

I don’t know about you, but my calendar is already getting nicely populated with literary events for 2015. Just to give you a heads-up on a few:

  • March 6, 6-8:30 pm: Joe Downing introduces his new work of nonfiction:  The Abundant Bohemian at Epic Bookshop in Yellow Springs. Info at
  • March 21, 2:00 pm: I’m introducing Psalms of Israel Jones at Barnes & Noble in Beavercreek, and planning some door prizes, trivia, etc. Stay tuned!
  • April 19, 2:00 pm: Reading at Wright Library in Oakwood by several area writers included in Every River on Earth, a new Appalachian anthology from Ohio University Press. (Julie Moore, Herb Martin, Myrna Stone, Dave Garrison, Lianne Spidel are some of the writers included in the book.)
  • April 21, 6:30-8:00 pm. Poetry reading at Cedarville Public Library: I’ll be reading alongside Julie Moore and others.

For Readers (Diners and Shoppers)

Last fall I discovered the fabulous Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Norwood, Ohio (actually there are two stores not that far apart. I’ve been visiting the one at 2692 Madison Rd., right off I-71; the other one is close by at 5030 Oaklawn Dr.).

Here are the features I love about Jo-Beth:

  • It’s huge and includes a children’s store as well as a restaurant with great food and a small coffee shop.
  • It’s extremely user-friendly with lots of handwritten note cards on eye level directing you to books that knowledgeable staff members know and love.
  • They create special exhibits of writers, such as the one I saw highlighting Dayton’s own Joanne Smith’s The Thirteenth Gift.
  • They host lots of events for children as well as adults, all listed in their calendar.
  • They have an on-line application form for writers to request a reading.
  • I’ve found both books and music there that would’ve been hard to find elsewhere. (There’s not a ton of music.) They sell a wide assortment of other goods, too, many of them literary.
  • They have a loyalty program rewarding members with deep discounts.
  • The Madison Road store is in Rookwood Commons, an upscale shopping center including Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, Fawn’s Candy and many others.

Your Turn

Would you please let me know of any literary happenings, including readings, bookstores, workshops, conferences and publications . . . even coffee shops that let you hang out, read and write until the place closes? I’m thanking you in advance!

Breaking News

Did you hear that Harper Lee is coming out soon with a novel she wrote in the 1950s with the same characters from “Mockingbird,” only much older? When she showed it to a publisher back then, apparently he fell in love with young Scout in the flashbacks and told her that was the book. The world’s been waiting for another book from her for over 50 years! Who knew it was already written?


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